... get game audio direct to customer iPhone, Android phones & tablets

A sports bar without TVs is… well, not really a sports bar. TV Technology is advancing so fast that getting the TVs right is easier than ever - whether using projection screens, large LED screens, video walls or multiple wall or ceiling mount TVs. The options are endless (as long as your budget is too of course!) and today’s AV control systems allow staff to easily manage what’s being shown.

The sound is more of a challenge. Many venues have enough screens to show multiple games - which is great for business - but this creates conflict if some customers can’t hear the game that they want to follow. Having more than one audio zone rarely works… the cacophony of sound often ends up just ensuring that nobody can follow any of the games properly. LimeOnAir allows you to offer customers live audio from multiple games - they can easily make their own selection and listen directly on their smartphone. In some bars there are quiet zones - or at least not-so-loud ones; hear you can allow customers to still hear the game if they wish… bringing in the whole family - where Dad can keep one ear on the game and another on the kids.
Whether you just want to ‘un-mute’ a single TV in your café or bar or need to offer many different channels of audio, LimeOnAir is a simple and low cost solution. All you need is a small (Lime green!) channel encoder box for each audio channel. These can even be mounted directly behind the screen if you wish and can even be powered from many TVs; in larger venues they’ll be in your equipment area with the Cable/Satellite receivers of course. In smaller setups, your existing WiFi will probably be fine. For busier and larger venues you may need a little extra gear… we’re always happy to advise.

The great part is that you probably won’t need to do any re-cabling or significant installation works to add LimeOnAir. The channel encoders are low cost and there are no ongoing charges. And you don’t have to pay for, maintain or charge receiver units… that’s the beauty of BYOD!
LimeOnAir will help you bring in more business, keep customers longer and keep them happier. Once you have the system installed, all kinds of new possibilities open up… for example, as well as TV sound, why not also let the fans choose alternate commentary of the big game - for example from the radio?


About us

Lime Broadcast provides professional audio over IP solutions to broadcast and professional audio customers. Our proprietary technology allows for live (very low delay), high quality, very reliable audio over IP networks, the Internet and WiFi. LimeOnAir uses the same technology we supply to the biggest broadcasters around the world and will prove a professional solution to your requirement.

  • Very low delay (live)
  • Professional audio quality
  • Reliable, scalable solution