Customers stay longer and spend more

From banks to fast-food restaurants, motorway service stations and rest areas to bars and pubs… having TV screens showing live news channels has become something that owners know really keeps the customers happy and brings in business. Business travellers stay longer and order more. Families love it - Dad can catch up on the news (including the football results of course!) whilst the family still spends time together. It makes sure that the venue is a great place to meet - you can have a coffee and watch the TV whilst you wait for your friends or date.
A large percentage of these TVs currently run mute to avoid being too disruptive and also as most venues will already have BGM (Background Music Systems) installed. At best there may be subtitles switched on if available, at worst, all you get is the news tickers. Which is OK. But a bit annoying. By installing LimeOnAir, your customers can pop an earbud in one ear and listen live whilst still enjoying your ambiance, chatting with friends, and without having to stare at the screen, reading the words scrolling past. All they need is their phone.
With Lime On Air, you might choose to have the TVs showing different channels - customers don’t have to be close enough to read the subtitles anymore.


About us

Lime Broadcast provides professional audio over IP solutions to broadcast and professional audio customers. Our proprietary technology allows for live (very low delay), high quality, very reliable audio over IP networks, the Internet and WiFi. LimeOnAir uses the same technology we supply to the biggest broadcasters around the world and will prove a professional solution to your requirement.

  • Very low delay (live)
  • Professional audio quality
  • Reliable, scalable solution